About the Council's Annual Population and Household Estimates

Metropolitan Council prepares local population and households estimates for the Twin Cities seven-county area. These estimates are the official population and household estimates for State government purposes. Most notably, the estimates are used to determine local government aid (LGA) and local street aid allocations.

The Council was first designated to prepare annual estimates in 1971. A new statute in June 2005 provides the timeline for estimates delivery and local government review:

  • The Council is expected to convey preliminary estimates by June 1 each year.
  • "A governing body may challenge an estimate made under this section by filing its specific objections in writing with the Metropolitan Council by June 24."
  • "The Metropolitan Council shall certify the estimates of population and the average household sizeā€¦ by July 15 each year, including any estimates still under objection." (Minn. Statutes 473.24)

Between June 1 and June 24 each year, Council staff and local governments have an opportunity to discuss data and methodological issues and work toward final estimates. The Council's annual estimates methodology is available for your review. Presentation materials from a June 18, 2012 workshop on Local Population Counts and Census provides additional information on reviewing and validating both Census 2010 and Metropolitan Council annual estimates.